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Ship Repairs and scrubber systems service instalation company

About us

Delta Marine Scandinavia AB

We are a company specialized in the integration and development of projects as well as the provision of maintenance, repair, and metal-mechanical services for the naval and maritime sectors.

At Delta Marine Scandinavia AB, our core business is the construction of special machinery, in addition to the diversification that characterizes us so much, tackling engineering projects in the maritime sector.

Since our inception, we have strived daily to provide quality service. Thanks to the continuous development of our capabilities, we have obtained recognition and approval from renown companies.

Our strategy is one of continuous improvement, characterized by the investment of a large part of our resources in the research and development of new techniques that position us in the market as one of the leaders in the sector.

We advance the design, planning, and development of maintenance, repair, transformation or scrapping projects for ships, vessels and all types of floating artifacts; including the creative project, applied research, management or redesign of systems, calculation of structures and development of technical applications when required by the needs of our clients.


At Delta Marine Scandinavia AB, we contribute to economic and technological progress by applying engineering from a multidisciplinary maritime approach. We seek the satisfaction of our customers and work to build a more efficient society by providing technological solutions. We believe in a cleaner and more innovative future!

Our best asset is the people who make Delta Marine Scandinavia AB day by day. The passion, effort and quality we bring to our projects help us to keep growing.


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