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Renovation of the Scrubber Systems M/V Tulipa & M/V Acacia – Stocznia Remontowa

  We are thrilled to announce our latest accomplishment at Delta Marine Scandinavia – the successful renovation of the scrubber system on the M/V Tulipa & M/V Acacia ships at Stocznia Remontowa. This project is a great example of our dedication to excellence and skill in handling complex maritime enhancements. Project last From November 2023 to January 2024.  

We’ll give you an in-depth description of our amazing project in this blog post, offering you an exclusive peek inside the realm of ship modifications and the remarkable powers of Stocznia Remontowa Poland.

At Delta Marine Scandinavia, our skilled team successfully completed a  renovation for our prestigious clients from Sweden. Our focus was on the M/V Tulipa & M/V Acacia, a truly exceptional vessels that underwent extensive modifications. Our main goal was to install a full scrubber systems, a complex task that demanded careful planning, impeccable execution, and the use of high-quality materials.

The undertaking necessitated the substantial implementation of Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRVE) pipelines to optimize the scrubber system’s functionality. The inclusion of GRVE pipes guarantees resilience, protection against corrosion, and an extended lifespan; all of which are crucial elements in the rigorous and challenging marine setting.

Our project was successful in the unique environment of  Stocznia Remontowa in Poland , which is known for its ship repair and high-end modernization. Advanced 3D computer models were used to obtain consent, and our collaboration flowed easily between us. Our discussions were in-depth. Partnering with such a prestigious shipyard was an honor and demonstrates our commitment to providing superior maritime solutions.

With the successful completion of the M/V Tulipa & M/V Acacia project, Delta Marine Scandinavia has achieved a milestone.  The unwavering commitment and exceptional skills of our team assure that we consistently exceed the expectations of our valued clients.



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Renovation of the Scrubber Systems M/V Tulipa & M/V Acacia – Stocznia Remontowa

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