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Ship Repairs and scrubber systems service instalation company

Cruise service repair

The repairs of cruisers afloat is a service that our company offers you in the most dedicated way. We take care of equipment installation, steel refurbishment and valve maintenance and installations. When we refer to floating we mean that we can work the sea providing you with immediate solutions without having to transport your vessel or cruise ship to dry dock.

Professional repair

We offer you the opportunity to do maintenance and repair any failure of your boat. We carry out any type of repair you need as quickly as possible and with the best qualified team.

We carry out the agency and assistance of vessels under repair, also contributing with specialized contractors as a complement to the work of the Shipyard and the capacity to provide spare parts and supplies.

The repair work that Delta Marine Scandinavia AB offers are:

  • Mechanical, electrical, structural, hull, engines, turbochargers, electronics, valves and piping.
  • Certification of rafts and maneuvering elements.
  • Thickness measurement.
  • Surface preparation and painting of metal structures.
  • Emergency repairs.
  • Planned maintenance.
  • Underwater Works.
  • Equipment certification.


At Delta Marine Scandinavia AB, we offer exceptional customer service to solve all your problems in the shortest possible time. We are aware that it can be a problem not to have a ship ready to use when you want or need it. That’s why we offer you the best mechanical equipment you can find in Europe.

In addition, we can advise you in case your ship needs any additional thing so that it does not give problems in the future and you can not worry for a while without having to attend revisions or repairs. We anticipate problems by offering you the most accurate and effective solutions. Contact us and we will move to the point where you tell us.


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