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Ship Repairs and scrubber systems service instalation company

Prefabrication of ship parts for shipbuilding

With a genuine record of experience throughout our workforce,
we will do prefabrication of ship parts for shipbuilding, construct,
calculate and build advanced constructions to suit your needs.
We will design, calculate and build any  ship, vessel equipment based on
your visions and guidelines. We will test it and certify it,
ready to be used on board, in ports, or in heavy industries/
maritime  / construction.

polish pipe fitter cuting pipe

All kind of steel

Professional Welders

We are often appointed to repair hull and construction damages from for example quay or lock collisions and from stevedore damages ( damage to ship ) . In those cases, we provide a full project plan with drawings to be approved by classification societies as well as “as built” documentation and QA documentation which can be approved and saved for your records.

Designed, coated to applicable standards

Welding Standards

Our in house blasting and paintshop is putting the final touch on our constructions. Whatever comes out from our workshop is ready to be used by the customer, designed, calculated, built and coated to applicable standards.


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