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Prefabrication of ship parts for shipbuilding

Advanced Complex prefabrication of ship parts – building and maintaince service for all vessels
Are u Looking for a company with experience in prefabricating engineered steel and aluminium alloy materials components to build ships ( cruisers Container Ships, Bulk Carrier,Tanker Ships,Passenger Ships,Naval Ships fisherman ships )

We focuses on complex maritime service from servicing to repairs, as a company we established relationships with subcontractors and shipyards in Sweden Greece turkey, ship pre fabrication projects are complex as a professional company we can work by ourselves or alongside other maritime companies and be part of larger team and operation. professional welders and pipe fitters, project managers are available to enter the project within short notice anywhere in the world. Our metal workshop is based in Sweden but we often worked on shipyards in Europe , over years we developed strong connection with other maritime companies what help us to provide a backend for large or small ship repair or pr fabrication ship parts projects.

We can prefabricate the parts of your vessel, blocks and panels in a workshop prior to shipping them to France by boat or over land.


Prefabrication of ship parts and whole sections  is a modern shipbuilding technique that entails building up substantial ship elements of the hull, such the entire bow and stern, from subassemblies or modules . As less time and effort are needed to build a ship, this method makes shipbuilding more efficient. Prefabrication of ship parts further entails the cutting, folding, and molding of different boat pieces by qualified marine technician subcontractors. This procedure enables the production of consistent, accurate parts that are simple to integrate into bigger modules. With the growth in ship size and complexity, prefabrication, modularization, and partitioning have grown in the shipbuilding industry. The requirement for more complicated and larger ships has increased, and The necessity for efficient and affordable construction techniques has grown as ships have grown bigger and more complicated. One technique that has been successful in reaching these objectives is the prefabrication of ship sections. Prefabrication is a solution for fast ship building or modernisation all across dry deck, shipyard, or during the ship operation at the sea.

Delta Marine Scandinavia


As a Maritime prefabrication Company Delta Marine service Scandinavia AB served many ships including a service, repairs, and renovation ; cruisers, fairy, container, bulk carriers, tanker, passenger, and fishing ships. We worked on a range of projects, from reassembling or installing prefabricated parts composed of components of engineered steel and aluminium alloy to maintaining ship parts. As a Main contractor and sometimes as a sub-contractor for shipyards or direct for commercial or transport fleet groups.


We are extreme grateful for years in business and large amount successful finished projects for clients from European nations Sweden, Norway, Greece, Germany, Poland  and companies who held headquarters outside Europe abroad, Turkey, the United States, etc., Each project need to be approach individual and we always offering highest quality material and expert team of maritime workers, engineers, project managers, what get be supplied on demand .

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Our primary focus is complicated maritime service, including servicing and repairs. Throughout the years, we built ties with shipyards and subcontractors in Sweden, Greece, and Turkey, enabling us to take on bigger projects and work more quickly and efficiently. We have also worked for some of the largest maritime firms, including Finnlines, Dfds, and Royal Caribbean. Our accelerated pace, keen attention to detail, and seasoned project management team improve communication.

Prefabrication of ship components takes performed on site at GRE PIPES, or in our metal workshop in Laholm, Sweden, if larger pieces are required. The parts are shipped to any place by reputable logistics companies.


Wherever in the world, our staff is prepared to enter the project with little notice.


We can send a small or large amount of manpower directly to a ship at sea if quick action is required. On Damenad, ships can receive emergency maintenance and repairs.


Before bringing them to France by water or on land, we can prefabricate the components of your vessel, including the blocks and panels, in a workshop.

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How much does it cost?

It is really depends on a number of variables, including the size and complexity of the elements , the materials used, and the location of the prefabrication to be done, on shore or offshore,  In general the cost of prefabricating ship parts for shipbuilding may vary , its important to provide as much information possible, if it relates to repairs, sometimes clients send us videos and photos what can be really handy when we do quotes. 

Ship elements prefabrication, on the other hand, can result in cost savings by lowering shipping expenses and expediting the shipbuilding procedure . One of the three stages of modularization, which is used in shipbuilding, is prefabrication, which entails breaking the ship down into smaller pieces or blocks that are built independently before being integrated into the finished product .

Prefabrication is the process of building individual ship parts or components, like hull blocks or sections, in a factory before transporting them to the shipyard for assembly. Transport and installation team workmanship. 

The price of prefabrication is only one part of the whole shipbuilding process, it is crucial to remember that. The final cost of the ship also depends on other elements including launching, outfitting, and sea testing . Delta marine scandinavia AB acn provide individual quote for any maritime companies seeking professional advice and service.Please contact us with any enquiry you might hav regards to fabrication of ship elements .


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Prefabrication of ship parts for shipbuilding

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