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GRP Pipe Systems

Through the increased environmental requirements on exhaust emissions and ballast water treatment in the marine industry, the Glass Fibre Reinforced Pipe Systems have become an important factor and a “must-have” in many installations. Based on thorough knowledge and experience in GRP products LMIS has become one of the leading suppliers of design/ construction, installation, deliveries and maintenance of GRP Pipe Systems. A very important factor to our success is our knowledge and understanding about the auxiliary equipment such as pumps, valves, actuators and pipe clamps. For that reason we always seek to work closely with engineers and suppliers of all equipment in order to provide the best possible solution to the customer. 

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Our accuracy and conscientiousness contribute to a successful and reliable installation from both a short term as well as long term perspective. By our record of reliability and quality awareness we have become important partners of several major manufacturers of GRP and other related equipment
with whom we have daily discussions around engineering issues and challenges. Depending on our customers’ long-term plan for their assets, our goal is always that our installations or repairs shall last or supersede the expected lifetime of the asset itself. With this approach as starting point our services generate a significant added value to the assets and even more significant long-term savings for our customers.

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• Custom-made Engineering

• High-Quality Products
• Fiberdur-Services
• Professional Training
• Logistics
• Global cooperation of experts

• Chemical industry
• Steel production industry
• Water industry
• Power stations
• Marine & Offshore
• Man y other fields


• Corrosion-free, no rust in piping system due to GRP
• Additional coating inside/outside not required
• Smooth inner surf ace, low flow resistance
– surface roughness inside the pipe remains low over the y ears
– less pump power required
– smaller pipe diameter at same flow rate for many application
• Light material
– weighs only 25% or less compared to steel pipes
– no heavy equipment required for installation
• High chemical resistance
• Cathodic protection not required
• Technically proven and reliable for nearly 60 y ears
• Low cost
– lower installation costs than for steel pipes
– maintenance free system
– very profitable in the long term, long life cycle
• Low thermal conductivity
• Wide range of piping systems, suitable potable water (certified by NSF)


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GRP Pipe Systems

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