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Ship Repairs and scrubber systems service instalation company

Machining & Manufacture

Our years of experience in the machining world is the best proof of our level of expertise in the world of precision machining. At Delta Marine Scandivaniva AB, we have state-of-the-art CNC centers and lathes to offer our customers customized solutions for each project.

In order to obtain quality and precision results, in addition to qualified personnel, it is necessary to have the most modern means of production.

In order to provide a complete service to our customers, Delta Marine Scandivaniva AB has a wide network of suppliers, which allows us to offer the customer a complete product: choice of raw materials, coatings, heat treatments, non-destructive testing, etc.

The high adaptability of Delta Marine Scandivaniva AB, has allowed us to achieve success in different sectors and to work parts made of stainless steel, plastics, brass, bronze, construction steel or grey cast iron.


At Delta Marine Scandivaniva AB, we offer a professional and highly qualified service, accompanied by state-of-the-art machinery, which allows us to obtain high value-added results:

  • Machining of all kinds of materials (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, bronze, etc.)
  • High precision machining
  • Possibility of turning and milling in a single set.
  • Product quality

Marine and nautical

The manufacture of components for the marine and shipbuilding industry is another of the services we provide at Delta Marine Scandivaniva AB.

We have the capacity to manufacture large tonnage parts such as bulbs, taking care of the design and manufacturing process of the mold, the casting of lead with the most suitable alloy and its subsequent machining, as well as other parts of the ship such as keels, bulkheads, machining of components of special materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum honeycomb panel, titanium Grade 6 and stainless steel Weldox type.

Production capacity

At Delta Marine Scandivaniva AB, we specialize in the design and manufacture of large forgings. With 7000-ton hydraulic machinery, it is capable of processing 70 tons of large forgings. With an annual production of 80,000 tons, we manufacture forgings for both domestic and foreign shipyards and 10,000-300,000 tons of offshore ship fittings, such as: Stern shaft, intermediate shaft and bent steering rudder series.

The open die hydraulic forging machine has been designed to ensure excellent performance, fast forging speed, high degree of automation, strong anti-eccentric load capacity, among other properties.

Quality control

At Delta Marine Scandivaniva AB, we place a strong emphasis on building in safety assurance and inspection systems, which applies to personnel appointed to follow the quality control process and final product inspection. Currently, we have several sets of testing equipment, such as physical and chemical flaw detectors, which guarantee excellent efficiency of forged parts.

In addition, we have detailed inspection records for each production process, such as material analysis, heating, forging, heat treatment, yield test, defect detection and many others. Due to these traceability records, we can not only control the quality of the forgings, but also improve the production technology through data analysis.


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Machining & Manufacture

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