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Ship Repairs and scrubber systems service instalation company

Tradesperson provision

The professional ship maintenance technicians that we put at your disposal manage and organize the repair tasks especially in the elements of deck, mast and the use of composite materials to carry out the corresponding repairs. All professionals working for Delta Marine Scandinavia AB, master the tools, techniques and materials for the overhaul and maintenance of boats. Our qualified personnel are also in charge of maintaining the hull, structures, elements and systems that make up the recreational vessels in good condition, use and operation, using established procedures and complying with the required safety, occupational risk prevention and environmental specifications.

We offer professionals who work mainly for companies that perform maintenance, repair and conversion of ships and cruises.

meeting in delta marine scandinavia office in laholm sweden.

The staff that Delta Marine Scandinavia AB

Makes available to our customers

  • Identifies and collaborates in the planning of the work to be performed with the rest of the technical specialists. Specifies the characteristics of the area to be intervened, chooses and manages materials, tools, products and types of treatment to be carried out according to the technical specifications of the repairs, sanitation and maintenance operations to be performed.
  • He is in charge of boat maintenance using composite materials (fibers, resins, aluminum, plastics, steels, etc.) and uses the appropriate intervention techniques in each case.
  • Performs, under supervision, caulking, polishing and finishing in the indicated areas.
  • Records the work performed, specifying the functions, tools and equipment used.

At Delta Marine Scandinavia AB

Looking for new professionals
to join our team

At Delta Marine Scandinavia AB, we are always looking for new professionals to join our team in the areas of shipbuilding and ship repair, business administration and engineering. We also have many apprenticeship programs and dual studies. We offer long-term professional growth initiatives in our various shipyards. All employees at Delta Marine Scandinavia AB are characterized by their passion for shipbuilding, a high demand for quality and a very high level of commitment. In addition to specific skills and advanced technology, we also set an example in terms of understanding teamwork. Each employee has his or her own strengths, which are important for his or her incorporation into the team. That is why in our company we create workplaces where each and every individual can contribute, develop and grow in the best possible way.

meeting in delta marine scandinavia office in laholm sweden.


An important prerequisite for success in the workplace is good leadership. For this reason, we are committed to the following four leadership principles, which are the pillars of our company:


Adopting a positive leadership attitude and valuing employee strengths

We try to deal with conflicts in a positive way, solve problems in a sustainable manner and see challenges as opportunities. We value our employees’ strengths, treat them with respect and trust at all times and provide them with honest feedback on a regular basis.


Take into account the general objectives

Our management is always centered on objectives and focused on the overall result. All employees contribute significantly to making this possible, and are guided by entrepreneurial thinking and action.


Building trust through communication and transparency

We rely on trustworthy communication, manage requirements transparently and make clear decisions that can be imitated. We delegate responsibility selectively while remaining a collaborative partner.


Be a role model

We set a good example: we are always enthusiastic, ready to act and committed. We take our word seriously and act accordingly. We are guided by our binding behavior at all times.

Exceptional capacity for ship

Development and personal growth

Shipbuilding is exciting teamwork. And, if you want to build or repair excellent naval vessels and coast guard vessels like Delta Marine Scandinavia AB, you also need incredible equipment. Professionals with vision, enthusiasm and perseverance. With the skills and the will to be part of something special. That is why we not only look for highly committed, highly trained and highly motivated employees, but also encourage and support them. This starts in the most important management positions: employee growth and motivation are pillars of our management principles. We want to get to know your strengths and talents in projects of great responsibility; in addition to offering you attractive opportunities for promotion and continuous training.


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Tradesperson provision

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